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About Us

Al Woodward, CEO
Al Woodward, CEO
Registered Florida Real Estate Broker

A+ Business Brokers Inc. has been involved listing and selling Pest Control Companies since 1982. We only sale Pest Control Companies because that is our expertise. I owned and managed a Pest Control Company myself for ten years. We list and sell Pest Control Companies anywhere in the United States.

We represent the seller, not the buyer. We use the utmost care to ensure your confidentiality. First, we do not give out any information until we have a Memo Record of Showing and Non-Disclosure form signed. This protects the seller from an uninterested party spreading the word that your business is for sale, thus having your employees quit and/or your clients canceling service.

We do National and Regional advertising. Plus, we have been doing business with large and small companies since 1982 so we have a data base of ready, willing and able buyers ready to buy when we list your business.

Our Management Reports for Owners and Managers has seven or more reports that can give a small or large pest control company an advantage when they apply this information to their business.

We have a Management Advisory Service Program that helps owners apply tried and true methods of growing and making their company more profitable. After all, isn’t that why we are in business? To serve and make a profit for doing so. We help you do more than talk about solving business problems.

We also help companies get in a position to sell their business for a MAXIMUM dollar amount by “Getting the Business Ready to sell”. That simply means directing the company for a period of time, toward what the buyer wants to buy. Therefore, you are not guessing when you put your business up for sale; you know what to expect.

Mission Statement:

To provide a service to small to large pest control companies and assist the seller through the process of selling their business.

This service includes but is not limited to:

1. Finding a qualified buyer
2. Contracting an offer for the highest and best price for the business and or the best possible terms for the seller.
3. Informing the seller about previous experiences we have had with prior closing contracts as it relates to the seller in reference to his or her sale.
4. Making the seller aware of IRS tax rules that have been applied in previous similar situations.
5. Coordinating the buyers offer to insure the seller’s bookkeeper and or CPA know all of the facts to help him maximize the seller’s best possible IRS tax position.
6. To provide information through pest control operator’s survival catalog to enhance the company operations and provide specific information to improve their pest control business.
7. To provide information and guidance through “management advisory service” (Consulting)┬áto the pest control operator who wants to grow their business on a continuing basis.